Prostatitis Treatment Options

Published: 12th July 2011
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What is Prostatitis? Prostatitis can be defined as an infection of the prostate, or it can also be an inflammation without infection. Prostatitis is common and there are lots of prostatitis treatments available to men that have problems with prostatitis. Some prostatitis treatments involve going to the doctor, whilst other prostatitis therapies include supplements to take care of the prostatitis.

The most typical doctor prescribed prostatitis treatment is anti-biotics, yet sometimes there is not an infection present for the need of antibiotics. In that case, the actual prostatitis therapy would concentrate on pain management and may include physical therapy. There tend to be times though, these age old treatments are not enough for some people and they would like to go a more organic route. Maybe they're tired of the usual prostatitis treatments and are now ready to look elsewhere.

If you should choose to go the natural path, one of the primary things you must do is make sure you are purging your body regularly. This is as basic as taking in lots of drinking water, more often than not. Anti-inflammatory agents work efficiently to help reduce the swelling of the prostate, so these should be searched for. Cranberry juice is beneficial to flush one's body also, as it helps carry unhealthy bacteria out with the bodies normal waste.

Anyone being affected by prostatitis should pay special attention to their own diet plan. Steer clear of refined and junk foods. Rather, eat whole grain products, fruits and vegetables, seed products, nut products, and seafood. This is very critical to help keep swelling away as well. Caffeine, sugar, dairy foods, highly processed meats, as well as anything fried ought to be eliminated.

Consider these supplements:

Vitamins C & E
Flax seed
Proteolytic enzymes

Regarding herbal supplements:

Saw Palmetto
Flower pollen extract

Something to remember is to check to be sure any supplements you are taking for your prostatitis therapy doesn't detrimentally affect any prescription medications you take. Always speak to your doctor too when beginning a prostatitis remedy or adding to your prostatitis treatment plan.

Prostatitis treatment is highly individual, and what's suitable for one man might not be the best course of action for the next. Some men might be all right taking a few supplements, but for others, surgery may be the only way to get relief. Due to the possible constant pain involved with prostatitis, the treatments should never be taken lightly. Arm yourself with knowledge, however always speak to your physician prior to embarking on any specific strategy. And don't forget - there is no need to suffer from prostatitis alone, and there is no shame when you get the help that you'll require!

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